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The story of the Nihilian Effect is based around the effects that loneliness and longing can have on anyone directly or indirectly and on a massive scale, and the title has multiple meanings. It can be told from several different points, but Book of Axiom (which means "ultimate truth") will be the first full novel and is the tale of a young man who is born into a world of religious control and chaos as he struggles to find the truth in history.

The short stories, novellas, and novelettes in the Nihilian Effect Lore series are part of Axiom's history, and lead back to a long, ancient war between gods and far before it. The stories in the lore series are being written first, and I wrote them to be read standalone, but they are introductory pieces to a much larger puzzle.

I started writing and designing the overall story of the series at the age of twelve, and over the years, it has gone through many revisions and complete rewrites with the help of my friends and my wife, and it has expanded into something more compelling than I ever imagined.

Expect much more to come. This universe is vast and still has plenty of room to grow.

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